Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Gone for too long!

Wow I have been a busy beaver. Here's what I've been up to:

Annie's Sweatshop cross stitch guns
Scored these sweet southern cross stitch guns.
Annie's Sweatshop rock and roll Buddah remnant
Found this funky remnant Rock and Roll Buddah.
 Annie's Sweatshop handmade eco dog harness on dachshund wiener dog
Made another rainbow harness.
Annie's Sweatshop handmade recycled Eco dog collar made from a silk neck tie
Shipped a Natty Necktie Collar (made from recycled neck ties). So I made some more.
Annie's Sweatshop Eco Napkins
I finally finished these napkins. Binding is such a pain, but now I'm a pro.
Annie's Sweatshop Recycled Fleece Eco Pet Bed
Oh it's so nice to get tagged by others. Dendelionblue loves my Eco friendly pet beds.

Phew! I need a break :)

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