Thursday, November 6, 2008

New Eco Dog Coat Colors

New this week from Annie's Sweatshop, the latest earth friendly Hound Hoodie combo, Gray and Pink.
Made from Malden Mills Polartec Polarfleece. This recycled fiber technology reduces the burden on our landfills and natural resources. A viable end-use for post consumer recycled PET containers (soda bottles) and/or post industrial polyester waste. Water wicking and heat retaining fibers.

These warm, handmade, reversible coats wrap around your pet's neck and under the chest. They're completely adjustable with a cute removable pom pom on the hood. No tangling or dragging sleeves. Both sides are adorned with decorative patches. A shirt tail design gives it a sporty tailored look. It includes a custom opening to connect your leash whether you use a collar or harness.

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